Sunday, September 09, 2007

The Dangerous World

The modern world has forgotten what the world is really like. The world isn't a safe place to be and it never was. The world has always been dangerous, chaotic, unpredictable and dismal. When those of the first or second world countries visit those from a third world country they are shocked and sometimes even appalled by what they see. They see poverty, and with poverty a very low standard of living, and with that they witness survival, and with survival you can always tell it's a jungle and with a jungle there's always danger. They see a family of three or four on a motorbike and might even condemn the danger of this situation. The father doesn't have many alternatives and risks his family's life to survive. The world has always been this dangerous from the times of the jungle. We try to shield loved ones from the horrors and dangers of this world but we cannot protect them from the world.

They see a government that has deprived its people of many of their basic rights, but it's still a jungle where the lion as the king of the jungle retains his right to devour a weaker victim if he so chooses. Yet lions kill when they want to fulfill their appetite for food rather than their appetite for power. How can governments do that to people they might ask, or how do people let them get away with it, but the means to fight back themselves have been taken away a long time ago and the new generation is left without even the memory of what could be done to fight back. What they don't realize is that we've become toothless beasts, full of energy but without anything to bite into.

The world was harsh, and is so even now. It's harsh for animals and harsh for children. People from first world countries may come into a country much like this one and wonder why animals are being treated with cruelty. The fact is that children are treated with the same kind of cruelty in this country. People are treated with the same cruelty. Children have to be independent just like they were in the old days. They walk the streets and count on themselves while their parents either work themselves to death or give up hope of living a decent life. When kids walk alone down streets evading cars and crossing the road it's considered crazy, where are their parents, how can they leave children unobserved? Yet the world is a dangerous place and third world countries are not blessed with a social system that safeguards people.

Yet even with an advanced social system like that we see in first world countries the world remains dangerous. The danger takes on different forms but the world remains constant and consistent in its danger. Instead of poverty there's crime, and instead of children being unsafe on the streets, they're unsafe in schools where shootings have become close to a regular activity.

The thing is that the world with its naked face is very scary and ugly. Society, government and family try to cover it up as much as possible and sometimes that love and protection from our families and friends makes the world less scary and less ugly due to the presence of true virtue. But nevertheless, the world remains scary. We can sometimes live in denial but that will make it all the more shocking when the world shows its true face. We have to realize that there are situations where we just aren't protected by anyone.

The man on his motorbike with his family doesn't need a defense. He's a survivor and no matter how advanced some of us have become, there remains a few primates that are present to serve the community.


Adrasteia said...

i just had an argument with my friend today about whether egyptian people truly lack the 'means' to take action

she responded with marx 'people deserve their government'

i understand these debates are supposed to be motivating but it's become such a dead-end conversation-- it's up to US

to do what exactly?

i've protested, i keep up with NGOs, i try to be aware. i know this post is about first world perceptions of the third world (whatever the hell that means) but isn't that sort of a cop out? to say that we're survivors?

are we survivors or enablers?

Wael Eskandar said...

In my opinion people don't lack the 'means' they just don't believe that they do and that's why they can never win, they need to be educated.. I don't mean to motivate anyone, the truth is that change is so distant now that it's not worth the pep talk..

Not sure why it's a cop out to say that we're survivors.. in some cases discrimination causes people to be stronger, but in other cases it just means anihilation.

Anonymous said...

"The man on his motorbike with his family doesn't need a defense. He's a survivor and no matter how advanced some of us have become, there remains a few primates that are present to serve the community."

My god Will very powerful.....el ghalaba kiteer wil khir aleel...or is it?

Jade said...

I dont agree with: "What they don't realize is that we've become toothless beasts, full of energy but without anything to bite into"

We have plenty to bite into - but what I think you were trying to say is we have nothing to bite WITH.

El shakhseya el msasreya en3adamet...

& as I said here before - I cant wait for a revolution... will it ever come?

What we have reached now entails that There's no change without blood! & unfortunately - we have all become sissys at the sight of blood.

Wael Eskandar said...

Z, thanks man.. much too kind, though I don't think en el khair aleel as in resources, just little in the hearts of men.

Jade, you're right, it would make sense if it's with nothing to bite with, but toothless itself already implies it. But what I meant is that we're deprived of things that we might bite into even without the ability to bite, which is double fold.. however I haven't expressed it in so many words.. so I will have to agree with you.

In my opinion a revolution can't come because people are under just enough pressure to be miserable but not enough to explode.. every time they're about to the country invests some money in football or distracts people through foreign issues that vent out some of the people's anger.

qahereya said...

Well, well, well. What do we have here? The 40 year old man's take on the world? :D

For the time being I have nothing to say about the government, nor the first world; but I'll say this:

The world is not a dangerous place to be, the most dangerous place to be is the city.

You can call me crazy, this is my take on it.

The safest place to be is the jungle. Why? because we are animals. If we follow instinct, it doesn't fail us (at least most of the time). Gut feeling doesn't fail us most of the time.
City, on the other hand, is man-made. It is constructed by logic of a certain slot, class, maybe.
Law has been made by a few, not necessarily to even appease the rest.
Jungle has been made by nature, to match natural-born gut feelings and instincts.
Laws of the "first world", truly, never made sense to me.

Wael Eskandar said...

Hello Cairene.. how did you guess my age? :)

I have a problem with the jungle theory because humans have what animals don't.. I'm not talking about a sense of humour, I'm talking about morality. With morality comes choice and accountability which animals don't have, not the latter anyway. I mean even in the jungle man can choose to kill animals that he doesn't need to eat and his kids may not be safe from wild animals. I think danger is just a way of life in this world.

I do understand though what you mean by the city being man made.. what guarantees do we have that the people who took decisions to make the city got it right? It's so unnatural that we just can't be sure what we've created.

Yes and one more thing, being in the jungle exposes us to all sorts of animals, flying insects and bee stings .. still think it's a safe place to be? :p

Nora said...

I was just having a similiar discussion with a friend. The world is a scary place to be. Sadly I thinkit is true the world over, the first world and all the other worlds out there.
I do not think the man on the motorbike is the only survivor though, I think we all are. The world has fucked everyone up somehow.. and all we can do is survive.
Survival does not have to be a horrible thing though...
I see a small hope of things getting better and the ability to survive might just be the best option available...

qahereya said...

First, I was referring to Notes from the Underground (40 year-old's thoughts). Second, If I get stung by bees often enough, I'm pretty sure I'll get used to it :D
It's always fine as long as there's a "by-stander" heehehehhe.

Wael Eskandar said...

hey nora, glad you agree.. and it's true that lots of us are survivors.. if not from the physical dangers of the world then from the psychological toll it has had on us..

Cairene, if you get stung one too many times from bees the results will be catastrophic.. and bystanders won't always be around :)