Sunday, April 26, 2009

Regret and Guilt

In my life I've regretted some of the right I did, but never felt guilty about it.  I haven't regretted so much the wrong I did, but more often than not I've felt guilty about it.

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Only Way to Live

There's nothing here for me,
I found that my desires do not mean a thing,
with all the pain they bring.

I know I long for life,
but the more I strive,
the more death I find.

The only way to live is to die,
and only then will I experience life,
I have nothing to give,
and that is why perhaps 
I have everything to take.

There's nowhere left to go,
save the only place I should,
The place I've been looking for,
but never understood.

To go inside myself,
and find out what I am,
find out what's been lost,
find the inner man.

I've spent so many years,
bounded by my fears,
and now I finally learnt,
what I should have done,

but after I've found out what I know,
I realize... I comprehend my true fate,
I am to pass this knowledge on,
because for me,
it's become too late.