Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What's Worth It..

Dr. Phil was on the other day and it had a very interesting couple who were united after 62 years. Now how they were separated or united is not something I followed on the show, but the idea of them coming together when they’re both over eighty really got me thinking. I’m thinking what does it mean to spend time with someone after all these years, after all the sex drive has gone and all the things you were passionate about have cooled down. What does it mean to have companionship at this age towards the end of an entire lifetime?

The real issue at hand for me is what will I take with me if I ever manage to live to that age, what will I still be passionate about and fight over. I get into quibbles and debates about many things today, but how many of these will I look back at and say, what does it matter? How many of these things will seem futile and insignificant. There are so many things that can change about who I am, what’s important for me today? Important enough so that I carry it with me an entire lifetime.

I don’t know .. I just don’t know what’s worth it..


Anonymous said...

i love yor blog! You have some very interesting things to say and this post certainly gets one thinking and questioning how much anything really matters. But without maintaining our passion for at least sometime how can we ever say we've lived?
Btw Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Wael Eskandar said...

I suppose that we are the cumulative result of our passions at every age. But personally I'm a bit fixated on consistency. I would like to know what really should matter today and maintain my passion for it all my life, rather than keep switching and looking back at what I had passion for and thinking what a fool I was.

Btw, I've stumbled accross your blog and it wasn't intentional so as to be thanked for, but I really like your posts.. very interesting... which is also something which one has no choice over :)

N said...

you can try to know, but will never know for sure. such is life, and hence the beauty of it, try to relinquish some need for control.