Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Best Vengeance

Wherever you go, everyone wants to control you and belittle you even or rather especially when they are half as competent as you are at doing anything. They anger you, boss you around, tell you off and explain mundane illogical things as though they are the rulers of the earth as if they were gods and you were born into their small and petty world. They want to infuriate you, make you feel helpless, make you feel small, they play a dirty game of withholding that which they could give you because it's that which you desire. They feel they are better people for degrading better people, and they smile at your frustration and your agony.

There is a way to take revenge other than blowing up the places they work at, or ridiculing them (although both ideas sound great). The most effective way is not to let them get to you and not to let them frustrate you or annoy you and even if you want to fight them, fight them with peace, fight them with an understanding of their sick and cruel nature. Fight them as you fight a disease within a person, with abhorrence to the disease rather than the person, with knowledge that sometimes they are victims and that's why they cause these casualties. Fight them with the knowledge that if they do not get to you, it makes you better, and disables the disease.

If you can control yourself and smile upon their cruelty rather than have it get to you, and be immune to their mindless game plays even if it costs you time, even if it costs you something, then even if you've lost, they've lost as well which means you've won something at least.

One thing remains, and it is perhaps the most difficult to accept even for me, as I have been targeted by these kinds of people numerous times. Whenever you're in a position of power over people, do not be the same way they were with you, even if they themselves make way into your world and you have power over them. You must treat them with fairness and kindness and be a just god in your world unlike they've been. It is the only fair way to take revenge even if they do not understand it and even if you yourself do not understand it. By logic, it would take thousands upon thousands of words to express why this would be a victory, and even then it might not seem convincing, but there's a feeling I have within me, that words do not describe well, that tells me that this is the way to win if it were a competition, this is a way to repay their evil.

A feeling like this can be ridiculed, debated, rejected or even neglected, but the one thing going for it is that it can be felt. It can be felt by someone who doesn't understand how it all adds up, who can see a victory in retaining goodness when all others have failed to and cannot recognize it anymore. It's a feeling that's so deep that not even the greatest can reach it, not even the most evil can beat it, it's their ultimate enemy, and all their actions are determined to reach that core and tear it down, but just like the good man cannot explain it or reach it by any logical means except by feeling, so also the evil ones cannot destroy it by actions if we do not let those actions get to us.


lubz said...

What u wrote applies to so many situations in life Will E. It perfectly describes a life situation I am going thru. It answers alot of the questions going thru my head as to how to deal with it. Good post!

Wael Eskandar said...

Thanks for your comment lubz. I do wish you the best of luck handling whatever you're going through because being resilient amidst all this is what I think we should do, but finding the strength to do it is quite another story.

Unknown said...

Will E. why do nothing? If to be a just god in your own world means doing nothing and repay unkindness with kindness then that's not just at all. I'm not talking about blowing stuff up or ridiculing anybody. But something must be concocted in order to make people pay for their mistakes. Teach lessons. I'm at a position in my life that I can't teach anybody anything but some day I will be able to and it won't be the first chance I get.

One should wait until the most opportune moment to reap the harvest of justice. If one can't wait then one is not worthy of justice. Have patience. One day you will be able to exact every bit of pain that was caused to you. That is justice. If what I say is not true then people wouldn't make such a big deal of phrases such as "If it was eye for an eye and tooth for tooth, we would all be blind and toothless". They are cowards and/or unable to attain what they desire.

Revenge is not about doing the "right" thing, it is about getting even. Pain for pain + interest compounded over time. I wish this didn't sound like a comic strip but unfortunately it does and there's nothing I can do about it. It's truth. It will set you free. But don't make the mistake of thinking that truth always makes it better. This is all in case that you desire vengeance. If you want everything to get better then do what you said to do, play into the lie, do not seek truth and it will all be better.

Hopefully you'll delete this comment and not let anybody else see it. This is dangerous information for people that do not know dedication, commitment or cause. This is the only way I can communicate with you so I'm posting it as a comment. I do not know you, just ran into this post. But thought I would write.


Wael Eskandar said...

Hey los, not ever sure you'll come back again for my response, but I never said do nothing. I said don't let people get you down and shape you with their tools. When you repay them with what they've given you, you're actually being molded into a mirror image of them.

You may inflict pain, but you lose yourself. What I'm saying is do something positive and decide how to react.