Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Hate Poor People

I hate poor people. Does that make me classist and politically incorrect? Maybe, but I really don't care. I hate poor people for what they've become on account of poverty. I hate how people can be so stupid when they've lacked education. I hate how you have to deal with certain people possessing fixed dogmatic ideas that make no sense. I hate how poor people can lack humanitarian values because their search for survival is more impending. I hate how I can't blame them for how they've become.

I hate that poor people are in my life and that I have to deal with them. I hate how there's so many of them and it's inconceivable to instill in these masses better ideas and more understanding. I hate how they corrupt their young children with extreme ideas and misinformation. I hate how they ruin the chances of these young children of breaking away. I hate how they throw their children out into the street because they won't afford to feed themselves if they don't.

I hate how poverty has driven people out to the gulf oil-rich countries. I hate how their constant need for livelihood and their country's impotency has often times stripped them of their dignity. I hate how the country's greed sacrifices the lives of its poor and allows others to kill them, jail them, whip them and degrade them. I hate how the working poor in their weakness were forced to adopt the closed minded Wahabi ideologies from an ignorant people that know nothing of civilization. I hate how the gulf gave them a wealth of money and instilled within them a poverty of thought.

I hate how the poverty in knowledge of others has lead to xenophobia and rejection of others. I hate how superficial people have become. I hate how those poor people comment on women, judging them and treating them as a sex doll they want to purchase with a few crude words. I hate how judgmental they've become about everything. I hate how poverty leads them to frustration, and frustration leads them to think of nothing but a woman's body and what it means. I hate how their innermost desire that comes from frustration has mutated into a fake religious piousness concerned with what a woman wears and how she appears. I hate how a man would opt to destroy a woman if he can't have her. I hate how I have to suffer in everyday life when having to deal with some poor bastard who became a cop and feels the need to go on a power trip; or another who's at a government desk delaying the mandatory bullshit you need to go through in order to get anything done in this forsaken country just because he’s underpaid, needs a tip or doesn’t feel like working.

I'm not certain that I personally hate every poor person but what I am certain of is that I hate what poverty does to people's minds. I would probably hate a poor person, not for what they are, but for what they've become.

It's funny that the powerful and tyrannical rich don't give a damn about the poor and yet they have the audacity to hate their own creation. They didn't think, did they; that taking so much from others would deprive them of a better life in their own country. Because they take away everything, the country they live in has deteriorated. They use their expensive cars over poor and crooked streets, their poor gardeners and servants need much more work to give off that wonderful image they hope to reflect. They have to deal with so much more stupidity whenever they interact with the public, more than they would have if their fellow countrymen were more educated. Their liberated daughters are judged by the ignorant dogmatic views of the poor, and there's nothing that can be done. How many can you arrest or hurt? How many wicked glances and foul words could you stop after all has plummeted to the abyss?

I hate the rich and powerful too; those in a position to make things better for poor people thereby making things better for me but choosing to amass more wealth. Is it not clear that everyone's lives are affected? The poor are part of the community, an ugly part that's getting uglier. You can't really blame the poor for being the way they are, perhaps you can even love them for their flaws, for the injustices they've suffered. But you can really hate those greedy rich for making a mess of things and loathing the Frankenstein monster they created.

I would like to destroy the poor man by giving him wealth. Poverty in terms of money means very little, it's the poverty of heart, compassion, mercy and most of all understanding that I truly despise.


Ice Queer said...

And I hate you for writing such a masterpiece! =)

Man, you are awesome!

Wael Eskandar said...

hardly a masterpiece that would incite hate .. but thanks : )

Anonymous said...

Tears of love

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Will, this was beautiful

Anonymous said...

few have enough courage to tell the are one

Anonymous said...

Poor people in America are the same way. Even though they don't starve over here they act the same! They think that their kids will be better people if they only hit them harder!

Then those kids grow up angry and hateful from getting beaten by their parents. I AM from the lower class. I hate my own class. Please, universe, forgive me! They make me feel so insecure, always having to beat on their chest.

Don't they realize I come from the same environment they do? I am a poor person too. But I hate my own kind so, so very much. They have destroyed me. I was a beautiful person but after being demasculated by my own kind because I'm not as ignorant as them (ignorance=strength to these people), they make me feel like my manhood has been taken by their constant ridicule, their constant reminders that I'm not LIKE them because I wasn't stupid enough to have kids or go to prison.

The rich won't accept me. I AM poor. Why won't my own kind (poor people) accept me? I hate them so, so much. I am so broken.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. I was supposed to be an intelligent person who was respected for my intellect.

Now I feel like I have to go out and kill random people to prove what a "tough guy" I am. What a stupid world I live in.

I shouldn't have to do this, I should be respected for my INTELLECTUAL abilities. What do I have to do to get accepted by my own people? Steal a car? Kill an innocent person?

But that's not fair. Shouldn't society respect the PEACEFUL people for a change? This is stupid.

Anonymous said...

I just hate poor people and want them to die so I won't have to smell them, they stink.