Sunday, October 11, 2009

Worth an Answer?

Is it worth it to answer a question honestly if the answer won't be enough? I'm really wondering about this now. If you know that someone's looking for an answer that isn't true, do you tell them the truth anyway or save yourself the hassle and not give an answer.

The problem with answering truthfully is that you're effectively a liar if you don't provide the answer that someone is looking for. The problem with not answering is that you're held at fault without a chance to explain something that might make a difference.

At first I thought it was best to answer, but now I don't think it's worth my breath.

1 comment:

insomniac said...

i'm not sure i get what you mean!

you mean is it better to tell the truth or to not answer??

if that's the case, i think either way it's a choice... and both are a much better choice than lying and giving false explanation...

won't babble more until you explain what you mean!