Monday, March 29, 2010

An Opportunity Not to be Missed -Courtesy of El Baradie

El Baradie has given us the opportunity to sign something good; a change in our society that we can all agree to. There are those who do not agree, I don’t intend to convince them, there are others who have signed, my words aren’t for them. My words are for those who agree but haven’t signed.

What good is a signature in this losing battle? To be honest it might not even benefit the cause. It’s not like this petition would change anything, those in power will remain in power. It does, however, does benefit the person who signs it. It’s a testimony to what we believe, it’s a chance to say it out even if it’s of no consequence. It’s a chance to be part of a just fight and to be on the side of right. It’s a chance to go down with nobility.

To me it’s a fight worth fighting. It’s a punch that I can take with pride, a chance to say I was part of a few people who wanted things to change.

Egyptians may have needed El Baradie to come together, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t be together without him. We once found a common ground. It was found on a green field and it was through football. I’ve wondered back then if there could possibly be any other, if there was something to bring us together despite our differences. The answer was always there before our eyes, it’s the tyranny we must all endure. This petition embodies our shared state. If we can look at this common ground, our shared destiny, as something we can be excited about, then there is yet hope.

To those who haven’t been enthusiastic about football, here’s your chance. Cynicism is out of fashion. To those who have been, don’t stop now. Surely our shared destiny is more valuable than the football game. If only the football players would sign on to this on their next game, wouldn't it feel great for the earth to quake in that same way for something so much more valuable? Not just our shared destiny, but the future of our children.

If we win, wouldn’t it be great to have been a part of it. If we lose wouldn’t it have been galant to go down fighting for something? We spend our time filling out facebook quizzes and social interviews. Isn’t it time we spent some time on something that has meaning?

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