Friday, September 28, 2012

Morsi’s Habrasha - Slip-up or Disgrace

There’s a significant element of humor in the episode of Morsi adjusting his genitals in three quick moves and I’m sure many had a good laugh about it. It’s no secret that many Egyptians do that sort of adjustment shamelessly in public. In fact it’s common enough that there’s a term for it, “Habrasha”.

My guess is that the move is not acceptable by most standards of civilized society. This is something I’m sure parents tell their kids as a minimum acceptable level of social behaviour: Don’t touch your private parts in public.

The real problem with Morsi’s Habrasha is that he probably knew it was not an acceptable thing to do in public. This I find insulting, not because the move is socially unacceptable, but because he knew he was not supposed to do this but expected to get away with it.

Morsi adjusted his private parts in what he thought was a stealth manner with the façade of adjusting his jacket. He expected to have camouflaged it well. All eyes and cameras were on him and yet he was trying to pull it off. Don’t underestimate the move as just a slip-up; it reflects a prevalent attitude amidst Muslim Brotherhood members. The same attitude can be seen as members of the Brotherhood blatantly lie and expect everyone to believe that the lie they had said was not in fact a lie; that the positions they have taken against the revolution were not in fact against the revolution; that their duplicity was not in fact duplicity.

Morsi is messing with our hopes of democracy, all eyes are on him and yet he continues to take repressive measures adjusting to the interest of his group. He does not care if we’re on to him, he’s camouflaging his attempt with empty words we are asked to believe. There is a total disregard for what we want and what we will accept, and out of sheer habit he will do what he thinks is in the best interest of his group rather than what is expected of him by others.

Morsi was representing a country not just himself. Not touching his private parts was equally expected of him as it was to shake hands with world leaders, women included. He was expected to represent a country and should he desire, play with his privates all he in the privacy of his palace. Yet such small demands he was unable to fulfil either because he was unaware of what is asked for him or simply didn’t care.

Many Egyptians do this in public, so what’s the big deal? The disgraceful part about the whole affair is that we did not need someone to represent Egyptians for who they are today; they’ve been under the rule tyranny, ignorance and oppression for a very long time. We needed someone who can represent Egyptians for what they can be and Morsi falls too far off the mark.


Anonymous said...

measures for his group's interest only, doesn't care that you can see what he's blatantly up to, "camouflaging his attempt with empty words we are asked to believe. There is a total disregard for what we want and what we will accept" - you've arrived at British democracy direct in less than a year...they'd have military trials too if they thought they could get away with it. Look at (don't, it's boring) the heavy sentences given to 'looters' during the riots we had - eg ten months for walking into a shop, picking up some trainers, walking out and throwing them down on the threshold - compared with the light sentences, mostly not enforced, given to MPs' expenses scandal offenders... hopefully you will overtake us, at least in being able to move from the small number of people who know the truth to organising on the streets you already have...i have no idea how to achieve that and it is so needed here:(

Anonymous said...

That article is unbelievably lame.