Thursday, March 21, 2013

Meet Egypt's Private Prosecutor

Egypt's private prosecutor

Egypt has what they call a Public Prosecutor. His job is to represent the people and attempt to bring about justice. That is not what he does. All sugar coating aside, Talat Ibrahim is a corrupt man who has a history of politicizing 'justice'. So much so that he is now known as the Private Prosecutor. 

This corrupt official is owned currently by the Muslim Brotherhood. A despicable man who even before becoming Egypt's private prosecutor handed down politicized sentences in Bahrain. This is a man who wrote his resignation due to pressure from his subordinates and then retracted it despite being unwanted among his peers.This is a man who has turned a blind eye to every form of wrongdoing by the Muslim Brotherhood. Not only that but he had asked head of prosecution Mostafa Khater to lock up innocent people so that president Morsi is not proven a liar. When Khater refused, he was transferred to Beni Swaif as punishment. Khater in turn exposed the level of corruption to unjustly lock up people.

Morsi lied, and Talat Ibrahim manipulated justice. This is a corrupt regime beyond a shadow of a doubt, and if there was any justice in Egypt, they would be spending time in prison. 

Here's a subtitled video to shed light on how corrupt the justice system currently is.

Threats from the Minister of Justice to the judge, Mahmoud Hamza, who ruled against the legitimacy of the private prosecutor:

Other corruption resources:

But I leave you with this:

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