Wednesday, August 14, 2013

AlJazeera Caught in the Act

AlJazeera published a translation of ElBaradie's resignation letter claiming they've published the unedited letter. Meanwhile, if you've read the original letter, you'll see that the last two paragraphs were chopped off. 

The reason is perhaps because ElBaradie talks in the last two paragraphs about how he was for more peaceful solutions and that this day is in the best interest of extremist groups. In any case, it is a serious omission and if it causes a ruckus, I'm sure it will be described as a technical editing mistake.

Here are the remaining paragraphs as translated by Egypt Independent :

As you know, I was for peaceful alternatives to resolve this discord, and there were suitable solutions conducive to national consensus. Then happened what happened. From similar experiences, we can say that reconciliation will eventually take place, yet after paying a price that I believe we could have avoided from the beginning.
I can no longer bear responsibility for decisions that I do not agree with, and whose repercussions I dread. I cannot be responsible for a single drop of blood before God, my conscience, and my people, especially that I believe the dropping of that blood could have been avoided.
Unfortunately, the beneficiaries of what happened today are the extremist advocates of violence and terrorism. And you will recall what I am saying. 
God save Egypt, its great people and its valiant army. 
-Mohamed ElBaradei

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