Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On Pregnancy and Hymens

Very late at night, I overheard a show talking about marriages and pregnancies and sex education. The doctor on the show had a few things to say which were interesting.

To paraphrase:

We all know that the hymen has different textures, and there has been rumours that some hymens need surgical intervention if it doesn't .. give way.. but anyway, that doctor said that there's no such thing as surgical intervention in hymens, they all can be disposed of in the natural way no matter what type they claim to be.

And :

The only female species that can have sexual relations while pregnant is the human female, no other female has that capability. However, that being said, during the first three months of pregnancy the pregnant woman can't bear the thought of sex, can't bear the man's scent, his aftershave, and just the reminder of his existence can make her vomit.

Supposedly this man is a doctor and knows what he's talking about, so I suppose that maybe what he's trying to say is that any hymen that doesn't give way is fake..and by the sounds of it the concept of women enduring some sort of labour during childbirth is balanced out with what a man has to endure.

(Plus of course the extra trouble he takes to buy her tickets to the Bahamas and diamond earrings)


Alluring said...

Oh please! what a man has to endure?? what DOES he endure?

excuse me if the idea of sex doesn't appeal to me for three whole months (i've passed three months and it still doesn't appeal to me)it was the reason that got me the way i am in the first place! BUT that doesn't mean that through out that time there is no sex at all, so nothing, and i repeat nothing balances out what a woman has to endure. Not the Bahamas tickets not the diamond earrings :P

I still can't figure out what could balance it out, and honestly i don't think there is anything that could.

Oh and I wish you get married soon Will, only then you will know how it realy is :D

Anonymous said...

i second Alluring.. c'mon will, and i thought u captured a glimpse of what it's like in ur "it's tough being a woman" post.. nothing balances it.. pregnancy sucks, and as muchas i love my son, i still don't think it's worth that much pain during pregnancy and even after birth (not to scare Alluring)..

Wael Eskandar said...

Okay, so it's true, women can't stand the man for the first three months of pregnancy or even more.

But a man moves to the sidelines and the child gets all the attention and as time goes on matters turn worse.. more child attention, less man attention.

It may be tough being a woman, but I would add that it's tough dealing with a woman. I should write a post about that :p

Having said that, women do have a higher threshold of pain than men and I don't think anything would balance it out really. But such is life, for a brief moment of time in their life women are worshiped, and men open their doors and light their cigarettes ... but even that doesn't account for the pain they endure..