Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Tag Heur

So I've been tagged by alluring who was tagged by raghd-triple-o-da who was tagged by Mak who apparently wasn't tagged by anyone, and might have just made this whole tag thing up out of boredom or to get to know things about raghdoooda or to see how far a tag can travel.

Anyway, he got more than he bargained for and now I'm about to relay some truths about myself, which people (except maybe alluring,bless her, who tagged me) are not interested in reading about. In any case that shouldn't be such a difficult task because this blog doesn't give away any personal information, so to compensate what the blog has failed to do, I'll be tagged.

Things you didn't know about me, and now that you do, don't care that you do:

  • I finished high school before I turned 14.
  • Since that sounds geeky enough, it was natural for me to be a woman repeller up to the age of 20.
  • I taught myself how to do a shoulder spring.
  • I cycle to work every day.
  • I'm obsessed with Dostoevsky.
  • Leonardo Di Caprio sucked in Titanic and I despised him but I've changed my opinion about him as an actor and I've started give him some respect since Catch Me If You Can.
  • Pretty much every other thing I can include in this list will be something you didn't know about me and won't care to.
Okay that should be enough for this tag, and now comes time to tag, at the risk of embarrassing myself I will tag some bloggers who may or may not see this one of these days: Amnesiac, Mechanical Crowds and Everything's Eventual.
Insomniac who I was about to mention tagged herself out of her own accord.
N who I wanted to tag seems to have been tagged already.
And just for the record, one more thing you didn't know about me, is that whenever I visit blogs whose posts include a tag post such as this one, it really annoys me.. Something about answering a specific question and bulleted points.. I don't know..


Alluring said...

Your first point, you prabably did the GCE that's why you went to university early.

You cycle every day to work so i assume you don't live in egypt.

Your last point, I was hoping to get to know a few things about you from this tag you know, i care, that's why i tagged you!

Wael Eskandar said...

Yes I did the IGCSE in a year and that's why I went to university early, after spending a year doing nothing.

I cycle to work should mean that I don't live in Egypt, but the crazy thing is that I do.

As for the last point, I hope you got to know a few things.. I'm flattered by your thoughtful tag.. I truly am.. thanks for caring.

N said...

you're giving me shoulder spring and detesting di caprio????

i thought you said i'd get to know things!


Alluring: i am trying to find any 5 things i have not already blurted out on the blog :s

Anonymous said...

lol, no one in the right mind liked di caprio in titanic.. no one in the right mind liked titanic.. lol.. to me it's like the egyptian re-make of ana carnina..

i always take initiative, but if i knew u'd tag me, i would have waited :) i like answering questions, in short answers style, u can mislead people all u want and yet tell the truth ;)

Alluring said...

You DO live in Egypt? don't you fear for your life cycling in the busy streets of cairo? when i drive there and i see someone on a bicycle i get scared, they have acrobatic ways in maneuvering between cars, do you do that? or is it that you don't live in cairo??


I'm sure you can find something, look deep, deep inside :)

Wael Eskandar said...

N, shoulder springs are not things that you would never know about a person if they don't tell you, so I think I gave lots.. except for leo.. which brings me to..

insomniac, you're absolutely right, that leo thing didn't say much about me cause it's only natural that everyone else should think the same.. I'll try asking you revealing questions if you enjoy them.. :)

alluring, yes, the crazy thing is that I live in Egypt, this cycling thing is very daring and slightly dangerous, but I tell ya, it's worth the risk. Being caught up in the cairo traffic in a car on your way back from work on a Thursday night is worth the sacrifice. Not many people do this I know, but it'll pick up I'm sure.

I do maneuver a bit, try to take side roads, get off my bike to be safe at times, and try not to inhale all the pollution.. and yet it's cairo and I'm a bit nuts, I guess I might need to get doored before I come to my senses :)

Scarr said...

I refuse to be tagged because I am not a tin of beans on a supermarket shelf. Power to the people!

This is in addition to the fact that I would struggle to come up with 5 things worth recording which I would be happy for my father to read. But thanks all the same for the thought.