Tuesday, April 24, 2007

In my mind there are a thousand thoughts,
And most are ones that ink never blots,
A different world inside my head,
Where beasts are born and darkness spreads.

And if I were to share them out loud,
To be judged by a panel of the usual crowd,
They’d send me away from where they live,
And to six small walls, my life they’d give.

So like us all I keep them confined,
Inside the vast acres in my mind,
But once in a while one of them slips,
And is punished by a thousand angry whips.

And what becomes of my sanity,
Just a big inanity,
Because thoughts are what count even if insane,
From which no mind can ever refrain.


Anonymous said...

i have nothing deep to say but i like it

Anonymous said...

i'm a big fan of opening lines... yours in incredible..

Wael Eskandar said...

thanks anonymous, but I'm not sure mine is that great.. but I'm glad you think so.