Friday, November 02, 2007

It's When

It's when you compromise and watch a movie that you don't like or that you've seen before for the sake of your friends who want to see it, but then when you want to watch a movie that you're really keen on seeing no one around wants to compromise. It's when you go to a place you despise but accept going only because it's just a meeting ground and those you've chosen to meet won't budge a centimeter to meet you somewhere that's slightly not to their taste. It's when you drive all the way across the city in the worst of traffic only to have your friends stand you up, ask you to come another day and pretend there's nothing wrong with that. It's when you choose to stay in a football game you despise because there's not enough people and if you leave the teams will not have an equal number of players while others threaten to leave just to get things done their way. It's when you're there for people during their hard times and their troubles and you stick around patiently trying to find out what's wrong with them and help them and support them but when you're feeling slightly off they just leave you alone completely just because they haven't been used to taking care of you. It's when you put up with so much crap from your friends about things that are very trivial and they make a point that it's not acceptable but when you apply the same principle they've forced on you to them they pretend like you've wronged them fully. It's when you're willing to let go of certain preferences at times but you're expected to let go of them all the time because that's what they're used to. It's when you give and don't receive and you're expected to keep giving. It's when your generosity and good will is abused.

That's when you ask 'Why Should I?' and calmly decide that the side of you that's uncompromising, ruthless and decisive needs to shine having been kept on a leash for long because it shouldn't be that way with those we care about.


Anonymous said...

yeah ,but after a while you start to wonder .. was i better off with this losers around me ,even if they don't deserve my friendship?
or i'm just good as i'm and doesn't need anybody who doesn't need me in the same way.

Wael Eskandar said...

I've yet to regret independance but that's because I'm young and can afford it.

I suppose the trick is to set the correct expectations, but sometimes you hope that going the extra mile will give you something back..