Friday, February 22, 2008

Egyptian Love Song

This is a love song for Egypt,
And I hope someone sings it too,
but to tell her I love her I must be honest,
and tell her that I hate her too.

But no one's going to sing this song,
because everyone wants a fantasy to live,
With words majestic and thoughts so deep,
and nothing but lies and lies to give.

So when I tell Egypt that I love her,
You'd guess it's just for show,
And when I don't tell her that I hate her,
you'd then, absolutely know.

Egypt..You know Egypt, you've hurt me,
you've hurt everyone that's loved you too,
you've been raped and battered,
and you are us and we are you.

So a song to a fallen woman,
that's made us bastards all the way,
and yet we choose to sing for her,
songs with nothing much to say.

No woman, I won't live for you,
nor will I die for your land.
Nor will I tell you how beautiful you are,
You no longer understand.


Nora said...


I think that only an Egyptian would understand!!!


insomniac said...

i like it... very much!

Wael Eskandar said...


Gardens of Sand said...

Hi, just came across your blog. Beautiful and poignant poem.