Sunday, April 27, 2008


I went over to a my friend Sharshar to get some cds he had left for me, he was out of town and had left them at his place. So he told me to go by his house and take them off the maid, here's the conversation that took place. The maid was there with elderly relatives of his, so I rang the intercom and down came the maid talking to me at the building's gate.

Me: Hello
Maid: Hello, how are you?
Me: Fine thanks, I want to thank you for bringing these things down.
Maid: No problem, say hi to Tuta for me.
Me: I will, goodbye.
Maid: Why don't you come up and have something to drink.
Me: Okay
Maid (with a frightened look) : You do know that sharshar isn't here don't you?
Me: Yes.
M (still frozen no movement): ermm...
Me: It's okay I was just kidding, I'll be on my way now
Maid (didn't get the joke) : Salaam

I'm a little evil, I know, but that's how I usually goof around with people who throw around boatmen's invites.


Deeeeeee said...

Counter-reply: I just love to disagree, though I'm strictly against people saying stuff they don't mean, ever considered "courtesy" as a justification?
Do you think that in the renaissance ages in Europe people bowed out of actual respect? They were being courteous! Though I'm totally against the idea of boatsmen invites, next time pick on someone of your own culture, its far fetched that someone like her finished middle school or even grade school.

insomniac said...

is that all mean you can do!!!

... shame!

Wael Eskandar said...

Well dee, a few problems with your counter-reply. Firstly you mentioned 'courtesy' as a justification, I think being courteous can be displayed through other means.. besides when it becomes culture to say things without thinking about them it can no longer become courteous in my opinion.

Secondly, I am picking on someone of my own culture, because everyone in Egypt does that, or are you alluding to the maid having a far inferior culture obscure to me? The word picking is a little too strong I suppose but in case that's what you mean, don't worry, I do this kind of thing with everyone..

Finally, I'm not sure what education has to do with any of this, many people who are far more educated than I am offer these boatmen's invites. Are you saying that people who are less educated do not have the luxury of thinking about what they say? The girl is very bright too, I don't think her lack of education is something that really victimizes her.

I'm also not sure what you mean by my own culture, do you mean my own class? I think your counter-reply needs a counter-counter-reply if that's the case :)

Deeeeeee said...

A rather stop-counting-reply:
I'm pretty sure she didn't wonder "what the available options of courtesy are" selected that one and asked you up, and since she didn't get the joke ...
So yes they don't necessarily think of the consequences of what they may say as the chosen option for courtesy (nothing to do with IQ).

Yes education and class have a major effect on how much of customs and traditions they pick-up and apply. So by own-culture, I mean people have enough education to reason 'trait' before picking it up (and those who pretend to)!

As for the girl, I don't really see her as a victim, but most of the people I came across in that profession tend to take things they don't understand a tat more sensitively than the expected usual.

Personally, if it were some tant leaving something for my mom, I would probably tell her "etfaddally" and not mean it and this is where body language kicks in for me! And I definitely don't mind being picked on...

So I'm totally pro picking on people in paragraphs 3 and 4, but if it is who you are and you do that with everyone, then its who you are and I have no right to argue or disagree to any of it!

Phew.. that was long!:)

Mayo said...

Dear Deeeee and Will,

I am really amazed with "What kind of courtesy is expected from a maid" discussion.

I am also wondering how would you have reacted my dear Will, had the maid said that "Sharshar isn't here, bas elchemise elly enta labso ya see Will yehbel"??

Wael Eskandar said...

Mayo.. it's obvious how I would have replied..


Mayo said...

"Boatmen invites"!!!!!!!!!!!

Nora said...

Damn me and my dirty mind...
I thought you were going in a whole other direction with this thing...

My version was much much better than yours!