Saturday, May 24, 2008


What’s up with the government? They’re sabotaging the country, not that they haven’t been sabotaging the country for so long, but they’re expediting its doom, perhaps they’re trying to reach this goal before the president dies. It seems like a few people have decided to take it down once and for all.

Where do I start? Oil prices, all prices, bread, cars, education? Which of these can I start with? All the government wants to do now is put a tax on everything, tax on schools, stock market, cars… so much so that they might even apply tax on the damn polluted air that we breathe or for the crap covered ground that we walk on, or on our miserable existence that they’ve allowed.

That’s it, there’s just no hope, we need to take a piece of land and declare our own country because the bozos running this country aren’t running it the way it should be. I think we should also rely on google for education since they can no longer provide decent education nor at the very least allow those who go to private schools to have an education either.

I don’t think that such measures could have been taken except if sabotage and malice was intended. If you put yourself in their shoes, and want to punish everyone for the strikes or for existing, what would you do? You’d look for terrorism law that deprives you of humanity… you’d tax everything and ridiculously so… you’d increase prices and cancel subsidies. You’d have a thought police, violate human rights routinely, give people those bones of football, religion to chew on. I think all this has been done. If I could think of all this while thinking of sabotaging a country, what could they have been thinking?

The sad part is that we’ll swallow this pill. I wish one of them would some day grow a conscience. I used to feel sorry for Kings of the past when their enemy conquers them and gives them the worst of deaths… but now…


Mayo said...

Seriously, the love hate relationship with the government has to end.
Let me just make one comment that I think is relevant to what you are saying here.

As a nation we have no, or little knowledge of economics. Rarely do you speak to anyone and find the aware of the factor that influence or control the economy.

Economy works in a funny way, people invest in things that are absolutely of no benefit to our nation. Cement block and Cafes are not exactly economic development. Hence, there comes the role of the government to regulate by putting limitations or encouraging any activity.

Before questioning why taxes are increased or prices of certain commodities is rising, we have to investigate the reasons that led the government to use its policies in that direction. Add to that the economic trends worldwide or in regionally to have a full picture of the country's economy.

As for education, should it be operated by the government or merely subject to rules and regulations of the government?

I wouldn't know what's right and what's wrong. The above lines are only questions that make me wonder!

insomniac said...


i love that post..i can't wait to see the end, only i am not sure if i am to live long enough!


there is no love/hate relationship with the gov! only hate, hate hate hate and more hate!!

as for people investing in businesses that do not serve as an economic value... come on! have you seen the restrictions and the wasta and all the things one has to go through to make one of those businesses!! having seen some terrible examples i'd think to myself "screw the economy, screw this country, i want in on a profitable business for me"

i am all for taxes, but when people get the salaries that can cover those taxes, when they get the services supposedly for which those taxes were collected

Deeeeeee said...

Well, lack of conscience is a problem more global than this government... and like my parents tell me, "every where you there is the good, the bad and the ugly"..

Assuming that you don't work for the government, is everyone around you working to their maximum, doing their best like they wouldn't be able to sleep if they didn't?

Though the problem is a lot more grave when its in the organization running the lives of 70+ million.. but once again, its not only them...