Friday, September 19, 2008

Another Malesh

Phone call to Alpha Scan

Me: I'd like to come in for an MRI on my shoulder, when can I do that?
Him: You have to come in and schedule an appointment?
Me: Do I have to come in personally?
Him: No you can come in or you can send someone to make the appointment for you.
Me: Can't I just book by phone?
Him: No, because we have to get a deposit and schedule a time.
Me: But I have medical insurance, I won't be paying anything.
Him: But we have to see the approval form.
Me: Why do I have to come in two times in order to get the MRI prescribed for me?
Him: (pause) Malesh.
Me: Malesh is not an answer, I'm asking why I have to come in twice needlessly.
Him: These are the instructions left by the administration.
Me: Thanks, goodbye.

Phone call to Cairo Scan

Me: I'd like to come in for an MRI on my shoulder, how can I do this?
Another Him: Can you come in tomorrow?
Me: Yes sure, what time?
Another Him: Come in at 3:15, and you'll be taking the test at 3:30.
Me: That's all?
Another Him: Yes…Which insurance company? Name? age? Which shoulder? Etc…

Which of them should I choose to go to I wonder…


insomniac said...

it's well known that cairoscan are better than alpha!!!

if you need tests, 1st lab is the place :)

insomniac said...

oh... salamtak :)

N said...

actually, i think alpha scan is way better... i've tried them both, many times.

whats wrong with you?

Wael Eskandar said...

My shoulder was almost dislocated, or so the MRI technician says..

Ended up doing it at Cairo Scan.. much easier to visit without a meaningless Malesh..