Saturday, January 17, 2009

The New Hitler

In a post that I wrote less than a year ago entitled European Guilt, I tried explaining why I thought Israel is backed by America and Europe. They were just thoughts, but I still believe them to be true. But more than that, I'm hoping that my expectations come true as well.

 "Today their hands are against their ears when it comes to the violations of Israel, but history sometimes, just some times, screams the facts much later on. As ironically as the Arabs have become the new Jews, Israel has become the new Hitler. The dead are screaming from beneath the earth for those living to take heed to what has happened to them."


There are more dead to scream from their graves, and Israel's Nazi ways are becoming more and more extreme. Nazi - I mean Israeli propaganda has stretched every lie till they all broke. A poor and powerless world was represented by a respected red cross agency that wasn't allowed to do what it does and a UN agency under fire by the IAF using illegal ammunition.


Even American reports have dared to finally hint that Israel is keeping press out to commit atrocities. Can the world and particularly the Americans face the fact that they've been hoodwinked for so long?


Israel has circulated the same lies over and over again. It's simple to say you've bombed a school because Hamas was firing from there. Who's going to call you a liar when Hamas is the devil himself? It's easy to say that Hamas fired from a hospital. Who's going to question you? Israel has even bombed a UN building, but it doesn't matter, Hamas is the usual scapegoat. I believe that Israel can now safely bomb Disneyland and claim that Hamas was shooting at them from inside.


I guess what I'm pondering over is whether this is the start of the collapse of Israel's image in the West. I'm hoping it is just for the sake of the abolition of lies nothing else. Unfortunately, I also know that Israel's media and lobby is as brutal as its military, giving its opponents no choice, and no breaks.


There's a chance that the horrible crimes of the Israeli Defence Forces will be buried together with the bodies of innocent women and children. But how long can Israel hide behind a curtain of superiority?


Israel ignores the world, thinking its right to safety is above international law, above the will of all nations. Imagine the shock of Americans to finally see that they're being bullied by Israel through a powerful lobby and biased media. I would love to see the look on their face when they realize they're imprisoned by bars made of lies.


America thinks it can back Israel because it's the right moral choice, but if the blindfold of a biased media is lifted and the truth of a terrorist Israeli State is unveiled, could America have the guts to end its support for Israel's terrorist ways?


The fight against terrorism is closer to America's heart than it had realized. They didn't have to travel to Afghanistan or Iraq to fight terror. They had to travel to their news stations and their media, they had to look into their lobbies and their businesses to find out what terror is all about.


I wonder if guilt will catch up with Americans. I wonder if people's minds can change. I wonder if the rest of the world will watch itself be bullied and I wonder if things can change.

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