Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Really Need To Get People To Dinner - Erdogan Not Hungry

The world's bias has become blatant. This was evident at the World Economic Forum in Davos during a debate about Gaza. As is known, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan left the debate and alluded that he may never return. This was of course after he was told there was no time for him to respond to Mr. Peres of Israel, who had 25 minutes to talk. Erdogan said that talked only half as much and that and that he wanted a chance to respond.


The moderator in his wisdom had a reason for the insignificant Gaza debate to end without response, "We really do need to get people to dinner," he said.


Dinner is more important than silly responses to the infallible Israel. I don't know what Erdogan was thinking, the moderator is right. If he had allowed Erdogan to respond, he would have been anti-semitic. Well done moderator, you displayed a sense of fairness that the whole world agrees to. I thought moderators should be impartial, but I know now that being biased is the true way to moderate. In any case, shame on Erdogan for walking away rather than just take the beating silently like Gaza.


Is it me, or does it seem that the world is becoming very subjective when it comes to dealing with the Israeli problem. It has become like religion even to the atheists of the west, it's a topic that cannot be approached. It has become a Holocaust, its facts never questioned.


Does the world realize how stupid it is? Does BBC realize how its viewed now? It has completely sold out, and I'm not sure how its viewers can trust it again. I mean, every time I hear a piece of news, or not hear it, I'll be wondering if it's Israeli pressure, or some other kind of pressure we can't see.


A policeman in Iceland blew up someone's house. When asked why he did it, he said Hamas was shooting at him from the house. Hamas appears to be a perfect excuse for Israel now. Shoot the schools, it was Khamaas, shoot the children, it was Khamaas. As much as I despite Hamas, it was the closest thing to a democratic election. Israel doesn't like a democracy that doesn't suit it. They say that you can't elect a terrorist government, but that's how they were elected, and I don't see a difference. Maybe having a uniform gives you the right to be a legal terrorist, Hamas should invest some of that money coming as aid and use it to buy uniforms, but that won't really matter much. The world doesn't care about the truth, it cares about Israel.


Erdogan did the right thing by walking away. A moderator unfit to moderate needs to be walked out on. He must have been hungry to be thinking of dinner. Does he realize what a fool he's been? I really think he should have been concerned with getting food to the victims in Gaza rather than his guests.


Just like the corrupt make their way to the top in Egypt, the violent reach the top of the chain in Israel. The Turkish PM is deemed a hero in his country, but he's not a hero. He's someone who chose to do something about the bias. He chose to walk away. I do believe that this is the only dignified thing to do. It's as simple as walking away.


The rest of the world doesn't have the dignity to do that. Israel with its powerful lobby and relentless media has subdued a world we thought was strong. But somewhere within Israel, a strong sense of guilt is palpable within its own people. The saddest part is that there's more hope for Israelis to join the cause for peace, than there is for Arabs to agree on anything. Arabs also use this method of walking out on conferences, but there's no dignity there.




Unknown said...

I love how you've written this.

One comment though, I think the bias has always been there, we've just been burying our heads in the sand.

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