Tuesday, August 30, 2011

SCAF balance sheet at a glance

Source: Ahram Online
The following outlines the major promises pledged by the ruling military council in communiqués on their official Facebook page and widely repeated statements on television and other media outlets.

Rebuild the church in Atfeeh, Helwan before EasterFulfilledMedia Release
Rebuild the churches in Imbaba and compensating for damagesFulfilledCommuniqué 48
Release of some civilians subjected to military trialsFulfilledCommuniqués 29, 30,36, 40,55
Investigate Hosni Mubarak and his familyFulfilledCommuniqué  35
Hold parliamentary elections in SeptemberBrokenMedia Releases
Leave power within 6 MonthsBrokenMedia Releases
To protect protests and protestersBrokenCommuniqués 1, 68 and others
Answer queries within 24 hoursBrokenCommuniqué  2
Execute necessary reforms that meet the legitimate demands and aspirations of the Egyptian peopleUnfulfilledCommuniqué  6
Take all necessary precautions to ensure military police does not deal violently with protestersBrokenCommuniqué  22
Release all arrested on 25 FebruaryBrokenCommuniqué  23
Presidential Elections will not be postponed to 2012UnfulfilledCommuniqué  28
Investigation into the torture of female protesters and taking corrective actionsBrokenCommuniqué  29
Military trials only used for acts of thuggeryBrokenCommuniqués  30, 68
Bring those involved in corruption and killers of protesters quickly to justice, return stolen wealth and equality of citizens before the lawBrokenCommuniqué  31
Investigate Zamalek vs African match eventsUnfulfilledCommuniqué  32
Egyptian media has the complete freedom to discuss any topic, military never interferesBrokenCommuniqué  42
Egyptians abroad to vote in next electionsUnfulfilledCommuniqué  49
Retry all youth subjected to military trialsUnfulfilledCommuniqué  50
Investigate the death of Ramy FakhryUnfulfilledCommuniqué  53
Take the side of revolutionary youthUnknownMedia Releases; numerous Communiqués

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