Saturday, May 19, 2007

The Bill

He was sitting in a bar sipping wine together with his ex girlfriend and her girlfriend along with some others. The three of them were drinking wine and enjoying the cheesy music that the bar was playing. It was obvious that the ex girlfriend and her friend were getting along fine despite how different they were. He was trying to find peace with the whole situation.

At one point in the evening he leaned over to the friend and stated, "You do know that we broke up because of you, don't you?"

"Yes, I know," she said with smug smile and a sense of self satisfaction.

The feeling he felt was indescribable, but he decided that he wouldn't waste another minute of his life feeling that way. With this decision he had some clarity, he left his share of the bill and more on the table, and left.


Anonymous said...

It was the most wise yet the most painful thing for him to do in such an awkward situation. If this gathering had lasted any longer, she would have felt that he was having a problem getting over her. The other guy would have felt how lucky he was beacuse he won "the precious lady" at last. Evereyone gets hurt, that's life but how one deals with pain differs from one to the other. But only those who have a strong will to go on would never give the chance to the ones who caused their pain to pity them.

Wael Eskandar said...

There was no other guy, the friend was a she :) But isn't meant in a sinister sense

Anonymous said...

This is even worse :)

Anonymous said...

Was the only "he" you in this story?