Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Life Is Counterintuitive

That's all I have to say really... Life is counterintuitive.

The more humans learn about the world, the more they realize that their intuition is wrong, I'm just wondering if our intuition will ever change to suit the practical demands of life. I say this because it's counterintuitive to waste time planning while you can actually be doing the job, but this waste is what people have found to be productive.

It may be intuitive to flourish at the expense of all others, but advanced countries show us that the good of the community can make you flourish even more.

It may be intuitive to do the manual labour straight away, instead people spend years developing machines to do tasks rather than working on the tasks themselves.

Anyway, many more of that... these weren't even adequate but the bottom line is that productivity is counterintuitive. Intuition is for survival but thinking is for productivity...

Life is counterintuitive.

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