Thursday, October 25, 2007

Egyptian Weddings

The following statement summarizes 95% of all Egyptian weddings:

A group of people dancing around in a circle clapping their hands in search of someone to dance inside that cirlce while waiting for food to be served.

*On another note, to make my last wedding experience even more excruciatingly painful, after the debasing round of clapping around in a cirlce and after all food had been consumed, they brought in Saad El Soghayar who had brought with him a band of over 50 male dancers. Guys dancing like women giving you come to bed looks as if they're stripping for you and giving off the gayest vibes ever is a very unsettling experience for a man.


Anonymous said...

were they jiggling belly fat and man boobs....even in the states I avoid egyptian weddings like the plague.......a meat market for predator males and females..

i've only been to 2.....and i was 2 sisters :D

cool post will

Wael Eskandar said...

There were over fifty of them, so you can expect all shapes and sizes but with one common element, the facial expression beseeching you to dance and shake it.

I'm always invited to weddings of that sort, only one or two have been different and entertaining, but for all the rest you're surrounded by a feeling that you're obligated to do something more than just attend.

insomniac said...

LOL, i keep picturing the look on ur face i can't stop laughing :)

this is exactly why i arrive after zaffa, greet the ppl i know, sit on my table for a while, go have a photo with the newly weds (to prove i was there), leave shortly before food is served!!

the only weddings i stay longer than that are those i attended with my parents... and mine of course!!

Deeeeeee said...

I always wonder about alternatives. I think all the weddings I've been to are the "dance in a circle, DJ playing disgusting music you'd hear in a micro-bus and elsa2fa.. hopp!". What does the song 'Shubra' have anything to do with two people getting married?!!

If you analyze each constituent of the typical wedding in Cairo, you'd have something to laugh about for the next year and a half!

I'm sorry you had to live through Saad El-Soghayar. Been there.. *shivers* yuck!!

Jade said...

I think marriage is a failing institution all together...

If it wasnt for my culture & Religion - I would never do it.

Wael Eskandar said...

It seems that even the countries who have forfeited their faith in God cannot let go of marriage at all.. they say it's a social contract but it's a badly written contract affected by religion and culture.. I'd say have marriage but as a timed contract. Gives women temporary security ( which is part of what they want) and gives men temporary committment (which is part of what they don't want)

Fadfadation said...

Well well well, another Egyptian in el 3'orba??

Wael Eskandar said...

Another Egyptian who used to be in 3'orba.. although even with all the homeliness that Egypt provides it still feels a bit like 3'orba at times.