Tuesday, December 25, 2007

After Eight

Things I wrote at a night out in After Eight, needless to say a few drinks into the night.

"Of all the things I fear, I fear my failure to act my role the most. I have no given role at disposition and therefore I look for one that's not my own."

About a picture on the wall full of stella bottles: "18 bottles of beer on the wall, how many others have counted that?"

"My heart goes out to those lost in the tyranny of their thought, it's the worst kind."

"All of this makes no sense to the dancing folk, they're too busy getting lost."


Veeeva said...

Used Kleenex? Yes. I was crying.
that was deep man.

Nora said...

A few drinks into the night and my thoughts are no where near yours!

They normally revolve around how hot that guy is or how badly I need to pee!

But.. you make me feel like I am shallow even in my drunken stupors!!!