Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Myths, Sheep and Bootlickers

Poster by El Teneen

Myths  Rabaa supporters must believe to continue supporting  what they do

  1. Morsi is the legitimate president of Egypt because he is democratically elected
  2. The MB never ruled because they were never really given a chance to
  3. The failure of Morsi’s rule is due to a conspiracy by the media
  4. The failure of Morsi’s rule is due to a conspiracy by felool (and sometimes Copts)
  5. Morsi may have made a mistake not reforming the police, or maybe he was trying to reform the police but he wasn’t given enough time
  6. The numbers of June 30 weren’t really that big
  7. Morsi had his mistakes, but they were political mistakes not crimes worthy of removing him from power
  8. The Sisi regime is much worse than Morsi’s and that’s why the Muslim Brotherhood members did not object to Morsi’s rule
  9. Elections were free and fair under SCAF
  10. SCAF cannot hold free and fair elections now
  11. Protesters under SCAF and Morsi were hired thugs
  12. MB protesters are not violent

Myths military supporters must believe to continue supporting what they do

  1. All Muslim Brotherhood members are terrorists
  2. The state is fighting a war on terror
  3. The police has been reformed
  4. Those who have been killed in Rabaa deserved to die and the crackdown is justified
  5. The new road map is the path to stability
  6. The army is patriotic and has stood by the people
  7. This is not a coup, this is a revolution
  8. Revolutionaries are naïve or funded from abroad and do nothing but protest
  9. We must vote yes to the constitution even if we do not like everything in it
  10. We can change the constitution at any time
  11. Military trials are a necessity
  12. State Security no longer exists in its oppressive vindictive brutal form

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