Thursday, March 15, 2007


Why in Egypt are curbs so high? They're so badly designed and very annoying. I understand that a curb can be high enough not to allow cars to mount, but I don't see why it needs to be too high for a car door to open. It is very annoying that the act of getting on the sidewalk is too exhausting. I mean who are they thinking of when they use those stones to define a sidewalk? I'm certain it's not the people.

In the first place there's never enough space for people to walk on a sidewalk, and the obstacle course they make with trees and various objects is only further enforced by a very high curb that people struggle to climb, not to mention old people. Surely curbs were not designed for cars in any way, since they can trap people inside their cars and generally damage the car in very original ways. They also make the process of parking more annoying than it normally is due to the lack of space and the presence of vicious and relentless car keepers.

At first I suspected it was due to an important investor, high up there with the political powers who had bought himself a shipment of these badly designed stones, or worse yet produces them. That would seem to make a bit of sense, since the government is bound to buy them and utilize them no matter how inadequate they are. The price of their production would certainly be higher considering how unnecessarily big they are and all of the cost of course will come out of tax payers' money into over flooding pockets.

But then I realized there may be a greater conspiracy, it may be because the people providing the cement and materials to fill the sidewalks are influential. With a bigger curb you get more space of sidewalk to be filled which means more cement and other material. I'm not a civil engineer or anything, but I would assume that the difference in height requires much more material and once again, more tax payers' money into more over flooding pockets.

Of course these theories are all pet theories that have everything to do with speculation alone, but considering other stories I've heard of a similar nature, it seems a very viable explanation as to why those idiotic curbs exist. It seems that those guys designing things for the common people are thinking of new ways to make more money but to be fair they're also thinking of more and more stupid designs to annoy the people.

A very eighties thumbs up to those working to make our country a better place.


Eventuality said...

Here's what I've heard; they make them so high so that when they re-pave roads with gravel(which means that the road level will rise) they wouldn't have to re-do the curbs and pavements.

The Usual Suspect said...

First thing I noticed about Malaysia on a recent holiday there is the curbs- high and painted black and white- just like Egypt.

There's a conspiracy theory there if you look hard enough!!!

What I hate the most though is that walking in Egypt absolutely ruins your shoes- big curbs and all!

Wael Eskandar said...

EE: You telling me that they're doing some long term planning?? I don't know why I find it hard to believe but even though, what do other countries with reasonable curbs do? I think they have far more efficient plans. But a good point you make, I hadn't thought of it.

TUS: I'm sure there's a conspiracy theory but I'm trying to figure it out. As for walking in Egypt, it absolutely ruins your life let alone your shoes.

Eventuality said...

I wouldn't call it long term planning Will, I'd call it long term fahlawa!

grey said...

i remember being told that these cement blocks aren't resting on the ground...they actually have a standard height which is 50cm. when installing them 30cm should be underground and 20cm over...i'm not 100% sure about this information though.

i think there are 2 main reasons why they are so high in some places in egypt:

1- the reason eventuality stated
2- the workers did a poor job of installing the blocks.

Wael Eskandar said...

Interesting perspective, I wonder how I can verify this information.. Some curbs seem a lot higher than others.. but they're killers, half of Egyptians have bad knees cause of them even if it's to repave the pavements later.