Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Lately, the feminist activities that took place in Egypt have forced me to come up with a politically incorrect, yet frightfully accurate definition for feminists.

Feminists are victims looking to victimize any possible female and to vilify every possible man in the hope of some sort of empowerment.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to see how ur female readers will comment!

Wael Eskandar said...

well, I think the wise ones will admit that there's some truth to this definition.. (specially if they've attended the events that I have)

N said...

i can't agree more. the whole concept of feminism negates the point, it is going out to prove we are not weaker, why do you need to prove it if you are really not weaker?

LouLou said...

The concept of feminism is that women shouldn't be discriminated against for being women.

We ARE weaker in the sense that we don't have the economic, cultural or social equality that we're entitled to. Or the control over our own destiny that we're entitled to. Feminism is about changing that.

It's easy to criticize feminism if you're a privileged female who grew up in an enlightened social circle where female illiteracy or honor killings don't happen. It's harder when you're exposed to just how many people - both male and female - simply cannot accept the concept that a woman deserves the same consideration as a man or that a woman is not necessarily more stupid than a man.

It's also easy to criticize feminism if you're a man I guess.

Wael Eskandar said...

Yes loulou, I agree that it's easy to criticize feminism if you're a man, I don't argue that, but just because I am a man doesn't deprive me the right to criticize, specially when women give feminism a bad name.

I'm not saying that women don't have it tough, I know how it is, but sometimes what they're fighting for and the image they're trying to put across just isn't real. It's the overswing of a pendulum, and I'm certain that I have a right to criticize over-acting.

Small example, you say that women 'ARE' weaker.. that negates the version of feminism floating around but the fact that feminists acknowledge only discrimination and none of that weakness is something that I criticize.

Jade said...

Hey Will...
I've been reading some of your "older" stuff & I wanted to let you know that as a female...

I think this is absolutely fucking brilliant!!!

LOL - I know this is late - but you will get the comment through email anyways!
(to tell you a secret - I think Feminists should sit at home to cook & clean cause all they really do is remind us that maybe that is all women were made for... shhhhh - but that's between you & me since no one will read this by now)



A Female that might end up getting stoned to death by the Feminist Act

Wael Eskandar said...

Yeah, I'm getting the comment by mail, but the question is, will you get this reply.. anyway, there's nothing I can say except thanks, I'm glad you agree and can see the point..

And I think if you get stoned to death, it's for a good cause, it's the choice to be honest rather than be politically correct.. you shall be cherished when you're gone :)

Jade said...

Stoned to death....

I like the sound of that... lol
Hmmmm.... I can see the cloud of smoke above my head!!!

Let's all get "Stoned" to death... (or at least try)