Saturday, October 29, 2011

Essam Atta

Links related to the case of Essam Ali Atta, victim of police brutality in Tora prison. Much like Khaled Said, police claims he has killed himself by swallowing drugs and there is cause to believe that the forensic report has been forged.

Essam Atta

Articles, Links and Testimonies 
Ahram Online Articles

Jack Shenker for the Guardian

Report from Tahrir Doctorsبيان-عاجل-بخصوص-تشريح-جثمان-المواطن-عص/

Aida Seif El Dawla Testimony

Malek X testimony

Ahmad Seyam, one of the attending doctors

Al Masry Al Yom

Washington Post

Al Jazeera

MOI Statement (Arabic)

Essam's alleged torture method


Gameela Ismail with Mona Seif and Malek Adly 

Gameela Ismail talks to General Mohamed Naguib and accuses him of the same old attitude

Mohamed Atta, Essam Atta's brother speaks on camera

Aida Seif El Dawla and her testimony on Al Jazeera 

Graphic video showing Essam Atta's body and his mother's reaction

The story of Essam Atta as told by his brother by No to Military Trials of Civilians

Facebook Groups

We are all Essam Atta Victim of Prison Torture

We are all Essam Ali (Arabic)

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