Monday, October 10, 2011

The Maspero Massacre on 9 October 2011

I am posting the following links I’ve collected on the events of Maspero on 9 October 2011. I am posting this without much commentary because the videos and the pictures speak for themselves. I only have this to say. What happened yesterday will beg the question, “Why?” because the “What” is already clear.

APC running protesters over

The army orchestrated an attack on Coptic protests to make it appear as though there is sectarian violence that is not sponsored by the state. They failed. Most Copts understand that this is the doing of the army, not the Muslims. I’m not sure how aware most Muslims are that the Copts did not start any of the violence.

More than 25 people were killed and over 300 others injured.

So why? Why did the army fire on people? Why is the SCAF orchestrating this? Why are Copts targeted?

I won’t go into lengthy answers, but this is the same old plan. It’s like the bombing of the church on New Year’s and it’s like many other sectarian clashes instigated by State Security.

APC running protesters over

Very disturbing, APC running over protesters deliberately and mercilessly

Minute 5.45 shows clearly without a doubt how the APC ran over protesters.. incredibly disturbing 

Army soldier actually firing from APC caught on video

Various Footage
How it all started

More footage (German TV)

The part the German TV did not catch

Egyptian soldier proud of having shot a protester

Green laser pointer on a protester indicating presence of snipers

Sharaf was advised and did nothing

A video implicating the army 

Another video showing CSF and army damaging the cars

Full version of the video showing army damaging cars

Priest protecting a soldier from other protesters despite the murders before them

Interview with priest who protected the soldier

Eyewitness accounts, articles and blog posts

Hossam Bahgat's eyewitness account

Daily News Egypt

CNN Reports on the military's history of violence

Sarah Carr's footage of the Shubra march

Moustafa El Fouly saying dead protesters were thrown into the Nile
Arabawy's blog post 

Ahram Online article

Sarah Carr's first hand account on Al Masry Al Yom and on CBC

Jack Shenker's analysis on the Guardian

Eyewitness testimony from Hani Bushra

Ahdaf Soueif on the Guardian

Maspero Testimonies - A blog dedicated to documenting the eyewitness accounts of 9 October

Guardian translates some testimonies

Guardian documents some testimonies

Al Masry Al Yom Editorial

International Federation for Human Rights

Human Rights Watch

Comprehensive Human Rights Watch Report

Amnesty International - A collection of videos about the events

El Nadeem cause of death report here 

Same report in a blog post

TV channels being raided
25 Jan TV Channel raided

Al Hurrah raided

The Victims

Vivian talks about Michael Mosaad's murder by the army

No arrests made...

Another video :

Simon Hanna covers funeral for Ahram Online

Mina Daniel's Autopsy report: "Projectile entered the upper chest and exited from the lower back"

Shohada Maspero Website - Eyewitness testimonies

State TV Lies
Soldiers with one arm bandaged

Rasha Magdy on State TV inciting Egyptians against Copts

Apologies for not getting the original video of soldiers lying about the events

Soldier calls Christians sons of bitches


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Wael Eskandar said...

Actually, the video titled 'how it all started' and all the eyewitnesses at the event don't agree ..

Also, the army has a long history of starting things, so logic also doesn't agree.

Thanks for commending the post though.

Andi Smidth said...

Great collection of videos. It's really great that there is this much videos as we can see a lot of angles. My prayers go out to the families of the victims.

Isabelle Beamont said...

Green laser is actually for industrial purposes. Red is more appropriate for snipers. But I guess they used green instead, as low profile snipers? Nice collection.